Great fun yesterday

Mayor Boris Johnson, Philip Hammond and Lord Tariq Ahmad, along with a large number of Conservative MPs came to the constituency yesterday.

As I commented before the General Election, Politicians cross the road to meet the people.  With Boris, people cross the road to meet him.  It really is incredible just how many people want to say hello and have their picture taken with him.   I am uncertain whether there are many people like him and it is great to have someone like him on my side.

One of the differences between this by-election and the General Elections I have fought is the amount of media interviews.  A great experience.  Yesterday was no different with me talking with Hayes FM and Sangat TV.

Today and tomorrow to go and all to play for!

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5 Responses to “Great fun yesterday”

  1. mark james mcaleese Says:

    so did you get to mention the shambolic arena project this time around. I had previously emailed Mr Johnson a few times regarding the arena?

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      No, I did not. You are not aware of the format of the visit enough for you to ask.

      You made allegations against me on another thread. Interesting that you have not provided the evidence as requested.

      • mark james mcaleese Says:

        isn’t it annoying when someone doesn’t answer your question. The locals have had that issue for years now, no i’m not saying from you, just in general.

        A bit shirty your reply “No, I did not. You are not aware of the format of the visit enough for you to ask.” is there some reason you don’t want to talk about the arena issue with senior members of the conservative party??

  2. alan burton Says:

    You can win this Mark, all you have to do is GOTV. Activist on the doors and phones until close of poll. This is how we managed Simon Reevells election in 2010, defeating Malik in Dewsbury.

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