Lazy, nasty and plain ignorant

Lazy = See article here.  Interesting that it gives the impression that all I do is take pictures of problems (when one other detractor claims the lack of postings is indicative that I have been on holiday since the previous General Election).  The article also attempts to paint me as a candidate who is trying to become an MP in the form of a Super Councillor.  Anyone who knows me  just knows that this is not true.  Oh, and I am not a “former” Leader of the Conservative Group.

Nasty = See one comment posted in response to the above article.  No idea why this alias would have the need to say such things?  Of course, there are a handful of detractors who may get a kick out of reading it but never do they explain what value this adds.  My children are very young but I confess that I do not like the idea of having to protect and shield my children from seeing such insults.  No children would want to read it written about their parent and in a modern internet world such remarks can be easy to find or google.

Ignorant (and bizarre) = To be called a Toff is as bonkers as being referred to as a well-heeled member of the society (which I was before the 2010 General Election).


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  1. FriendlyFelthamObserver Says:

    Take it in your stride Mark, anyone whom knows you reasonably well will know what utter tosh those whom have commented are speaking, and putting yourself out into the public eye to get shot at is an admirable thing to do – it’s easy to make a nasty comment from your armchair, but harder to take it on the chin and prove people wrong. Good luck on the 15th Mark, I for one believe that you would be an excellent MP for Heston and Feltham, you live in the area, are visible in the area and take a keen interest with dogged determination to get things done.

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