One week to go

One week to go and all to play for.

What happened yesterday

Started the day outside handing out literature outside Feltham Train Station.  UKIP arrived around the same time and the Lib Dems quite a while afterwards.  I shook hands with both the UKIP and Lib-Dem candidates having not met them before.

I then met Hugh Robertson MP, Minister for Sport, and we went along to Feltham Community College and saw some of the brilliant approach to sport at the school.  We met Hounslow Kickz who have previously been to the West Area Committee.  Both Mr Robertson and I were then interviewed by BBC southeast BBC London News.  I understand that this was shown on tv today but I have not yet seen it.

I then did some campaigning in Hounslow West, Bedfont and Hanworth.

What happened today

Damian Green MP, Minister at the Home Office, visited Feltham this morning.  A number of residents raised Labour’s failure to control immigration when it was in power.

I could not believe it when I saw Clive Everton who is a respected Snooker commentator.  He seemed impressed when I recognised him.

Whilst this was a great visit, the highlight of the day had to be the visit from the Prime Minister.  He and I went to DHL and he took a wide range of questions from their employees.  I genuinely thought that it was the Prime Minister at his very best.  Here is a write up from the Chronicle.

This afternoon we visited Heston businesses.  A number of MPs visited.

Back out this evening.  A great campaign and one we are winning.

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10 Responses to “One week to go”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    it was good to see the campaign being covered on the regional news today, but I hope it was only a minor slip on your part rather than ignorance of the influential local media when you refer to “BBC South East News”. London and the South East used to be one BBC TV region many years ago, but Kent and parts of Sussex are now covered by a totally separate programme called South East Today, produced in Tunbridge Wells- they have been for at least five years. .

    BBC London News ( I presume it was Tim Donovan who interviewed you, their politico?) is based at Broadcasting House, and now covers mainly the Greater London area, plus bits of Essex, Surrey, Beds and Berks because of the awkward patterns of TV transmitter coverage. Perhaps not directly relevant to your campaign, Mark, but it’s helpful to be au fait with the media.

    Incidentally, you’ll probably be amused- or maybe not- that earlier in the week when they were covering Ed Milliband’s campaign visit to Feltham Town Centre, they nearly forgot the legal requirement to show the names of all the candidates, or at least direct people to where they can be found. Whoops! Fortunately, somebody- possibly a lawyer!- noticed before the end of the lunchtime bulletin and duly corrected it.

    The BBC reports also indicate that you can’t always trust TV to accurately reflect the timing of events, since I honestly assumed that David Cameron too was visiting Crane Park School, Feltham Community College (my old school when it was plain Feltham comp!) AND DHL- though I didn’t become aware of this til later. Thinking of this though, I wonder whether you and your campaign team missed a trick; wouldn’t it have been more appropriate for Dave firstly to appear in front of the building of the Immigration Appeals Tribunal Service, next to DHL?

    Not many people are probably aware the IAT is based in Feltham, (still on crown-owned land, by the way, as far as I know) but as you will know and agree immigration is an important campaign issue to many in this area. I would have loved to have heard your views, and the Prime Minister’s, on immigration and how, one hopes, the IAT- particularly at this time of the year- provides a safety net for genuine asylum claims and ensures that those who have something important to offer to this country are allowed entry, while those who would wish us ill or make no contribution do not?

    Incidentally, I can’t help thinking that it would have been a lovely little photo opportunity joke for the PM, if not for you, if he had nipped into Tesco Duke’s Green to buy some Brussels, before heading off to Brussels. But perhaps the issues of the Euro summit are too serious to trivialilse.

    Hope the next campaigning week for you is a good one, Mark. As ever, my vote and intentions remain secret, but I’ve appreciated the frequency of your campaign materials over the last fortnight even if I haven’t always agreed with them or they bear the hallmarks of being pre-prepared material for ANY by-election in this parliament, not just ours. Keep up the good work, and may the best candidate win!

  2. Graham de wey peters Says:

    I then met Hugh Robertson MP, Minister for Sport, and we went along to Feltham Community College and saw some of the brilliant approach to sport at the school.

    Pity you didn’t take him around to the Feltham Arena !!!!!!!

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      A pity that you or someone else could not demonstrate some of the behaviour towards me over the past year or so?

      • Mark james mcaleese Says:

        I invited u to visit the arena site a few times and u declined every time stating you didn’t see the point.

      • Mark Bowen Says:

        There is not a grain of truth in your accusation. It is a shame you are resorting to the tactics used by your colleagues when previously you have been more courteous. However, as you have form in terms of copying your emails to lots of people, please forward me evidence (in the form of emails) to prove that I have declined to attend. We have not had a conversation over the phone ever and not in person since the public meeting in August.

  3. Mark james mcaleese Says:

    I’m guessing you did not speak to the prime minister about the huge mess off the arena site and the shamebolic way it has been handled by both labour and conservative councils.

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      You have guessed correctly. There is a lot of things I would like to have discussed with the Prime Minister but was not able to. Your comment about me on your forum is not accurate by the way.

      • Mark james mcaleese Says:

        Whig comment?

      • Mark Bowen Says:

        Your claim that I have not campaigned on the Arena. It has come up on the doorstep, been on my blog numerous times before this election and will appear in literature.

        Feel free to state what you would like to see from me about the Arena as you would not have mentioned it if you did not care.

  4. Mark Savage Says:

    Just a correction to my own comments. I gather it was the DHL buildings on the Great South West Road that Mr Cameron visited, not the one that used to be in Duke’s Green Avenue. I’m told that has now closed; I hope not for long and that new tenants are on the way. That at least would be some encouragement in these times of high unemployment.

    If I may also say, your canvassers at least seem to be more polite on the phone than some other parties, Mark. They were only ringing today to check if I knew the date of the bye-election and if I intended to vote! Maybe data protection rules prevent this, but perhaps your team ought to start keeping a record of known regular commenters and people like me that take any kind of active interest in politics, even if mainly through the net and not a member of any one party. For one thing, the exorbitant daytime phone charges of one phone company could be avoided, and perhaps better targetted!

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