5 December 2011

An important contribution today was in getting my haircut at my barber’s in Bedfont earlier in the morning.  Badly needed.

Hit the streets in Feltham and did some canvassing in the afternoon, during part of which I was joined by a national journalist.  I enjoyed the canvassing and I enjoyed the interview.

Evening spent in Cranford!

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4 Responses to “5 December 2011”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    Glad to hear about the haircut, Mark. I know there are more important things for our PM to worry about, but when he was doing an important speech yesterday, I thought DC looked rather scruffy with two long tufts of hair hanging down over his forehead, and the left side of his head looked as though it hadn’t seen much of the comb recently. I’m a fine one to talk, as I went over a year between haircuts, but appearances do matter in our politicians!

  2. Peter Nicholls Says:


    Good luck in the by election. You have lots of support in Hanworth Park…surely this time eh !

    Peter Nicholls

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