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I sometimes find myself in two minds posting environmental issues that I have picked up on the blog because some find it boring.  Others like to see it so lets give it a go.

1) Potholes in Northumberland Crescent

Opposite 115 and near numbers 150 & 195:


2) Knocked over utility opposite 10 Target

3) Tagging on streetlights in Peninsular Close, Bedfont


Will report all of the above on Monday.


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One Response to “On the street”

  1. Mark Bowen Says:

    I have received the following about the first two:

    “A site inspection was undertaken of the locations and a Section 81 has been issued to Virgin Media for cabinet repair in Target Close. Regarding 115 Northumberland Crescent no defect that exceeded our intervention level was present, but will monitor location. House number 150, orders have been raised for defect repair job number 65070.

    It is estimated works will be completed within a four week timescale.”

    And, the following about the graffiti:

    “Following receipt of your service request, I arranged for the graffiti removal crew to attend site and remove the graffiti from the lamp columns. I have received confirmation from the contractor that this job was completed today.”

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