Game On

A writ has been moved and a new Member of Parliament for Feltham & Heston is required after the very sad passing of Alan Keen.

I am fighting the seat for the Conservative Party again and the date of the election is 15 December.  More info here.

Third time lucky, I hope!

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5 Responses to “Game On”

  1. riza polat Says:

    this time hopefully you can get it Mark. very best luck to you this time. riza

  2. delme13 Says:

    Good luck Mark. I guess the choice isn’t so much between the respective party flags, as whether the people of Feltham and Heston want a locally-based MP to fight their corner on issues that matter to them. I know you will do that rather than blindly toe the party line on everything.
    So let’s hope it is third time lucky. If there’s any justice…..

  3. Graham de wey peters Says:

    Well the Feltham arena debacle around your neck Mark , you won’t be getting my vote , and i’m honest with you , and you couldn’t have a more local issue than that ………

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      Mr De Wey Peters,

      I respect your opinion and I respect your honesty. I have made my feelings on Feltham Arena known many times on this blog and elsewhere.

      If elected, I will do my best for everyone whether they vote for me or not.

      I do not believe you voted for me last time. Never stopped me responding to you when you have contacted me.

  4. Jill Garrow Says:

    Fingers, eyes, and toes crossed for you, Mark, that it’s third time lucky. Wish I could vote for you.

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