St Giles Hotel Planning application

I have previously posted about the above and it was featured in the most recent Half Year Report.  Here is the application that will be considered by the Sustainable Development Committee tomorrow.

Planning considerations aside, good news to see this investment in a prominent Feltham business.

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One Response to “St Giles Hotel Planning application”

  1. michael fuller Says:

    No problem with larger hotel but the extra traffic will be a problem. Need to get Council to remove the anti-car traffic light settings and open up Feltham High St to all road users. The buses get very delayed by the jams created by the Council. Also reopen the level crossing to two way traffic to allow vehicles to escap to Bedfont rather than suffer the High St chaos and danger. And provide drop-off facility at Feltham up line and get rid of the political bus stand and associated £110 fine spy camera.

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