Flooding on A312 Uxbridge Road

I know that the following is not in Feltham North but it will be of interest to some.  I know that Hanworth Park Councillors have lobbied hard to get something done about this ongoing problem.  West Area Committee Members received the following today:

“Following our attendance at the recent West Area Committee meeting, I am writing to advise on the outcome of our site meeting with TfL on the A312 Uxbridge Road.

This meeting (with Phil Hurst from TfL) took place on Friday 30 September and after some primary investigations, Thames Water has agreed to undertake the following.

   Complete a descale from No 56 through to No 154 (500 metres). Followingthe descale a CCTV will be carried out to look for any structuraldefects in the sewer. Although a CCTV was carried out by TfL the resultsof this further examination would be more accurate following the removal of any debris as it may be at present hiding any faults.
   Should any faults be shown up following this closer investigation Thames Water will move to rectify them.

During Friday’s investigations it was identified that certain sections of the highway will require resurfacing due to depressions which are causing ponding. The volume of water has been overloading the gullies and more gullies are required to allow the water to pass through.

With this in mind, following the works by Thames Water, TfL will resurface areas of the highway where depressions are compounding the drainage problem and drainage improvement work will be carried out to include additional gullies. Work by TfL will also be carried out to clear existing debris which are blocking the gullies.

What I have been unable to ascertain is exactly when Thames Water will be undertaking this work. I realise this is important as TfL will be unable to start any resurfacing work until our sewer is checked and any necessary repairs undertaken. However, I am confident this will be carried out in good time.”

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6 Responses to “Flooding on A312 Uxbridge Road”

  1. Graham de wey peters Says:

    And the drains on the Harlington Road West still haven’t been cleaned out , had blue spray paint on some off them , but this was reported in Feb of this year ……

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      I will go through my files to try and locate the reference number. If you can, please email it to me. I will then chase the matter without delay.

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      The TfL reference was 1008380527. The Officer at the Council with whom I have been discussing this returns on Wednesday. I have, however, written to him.

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      I have received the following this morning:

      “I have spoken to TfL in the last few minutes regarding this matter. Having re-checked their database and records, the Customer Services officer I spoke to informed me that their records showed that the drains were cleared by 27th April as indicated in one of my previous responses.

      He commented that it was possible that the drains could have become blocked again since their last attendance and as such, a further works order has been raised this morning for their contractors to investigate the matter again. I have been informed that their contractors will inspect the location today and any works required will be carried out within the next 28 working days. For your reference, the job number for this report is 1009746489.”

  2. Jill Garrow Says:

    Thank you again, Mark. I am very familiar with this section of road and the “ponding” problem.

    I wonder how much of this has been exacerbated by Hounslow Council [and obviously other councils] allowing householders to concrete over front gardens. I’ve read that this practice has caused a lot of drainage problems for roads, and it helps create pockets of flooding during heavy rainfall.

  3. Graham de wey peters Says:

    I think the main problem is that TFL take the word of THEIR contracter and don’t actually check the work themselves , the remark about the drains re-siltiing since April is rubbish , the depth of the drain is at least 4ft , so if TFL reguarly sweep the gullies there shouldn’t be a problem , if Harlington Rd West had the same amount of traffic as the Residents of Shakespeare Ave during the tipping of the soil on the Feltham Arena , then i could believe in the resilting comment ……but it hasn’t so , its just another lame excuse ….

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