Works in Faggs Road

Further to the previous thread, I have today received a response to the query I made about Faggs Road:

“National Grid Gas is renewing the mains in Faggs Road due to the winter gas demand pressures and Tfl as the highway authority for the road has been liaising with all the stakeholders to ensure that the works are carried out with minimum delays to the travelling public. The liaison with stake holders is important given the complications and delays associated with the recent gas leak further south.

The benefit of completing as much of the work as possible during the half term period was a key factor in the closure of the bus lane (in lane 1) during inter-peak hours.

The contractors are expected to work off peak from 09.30 to 15.30 and return the bus lane to normal use during the peak period. We are not certain that Tfl have cameras in the vicinity to ensure that the contractor will return the road to normal use by 3.30pm each weekday. As a result, the Tfl inspector will monitor the site.

The works are in 3 phases:

Phase 1 has been completed

Phase 2 – is the current ongoing Works in the footway on the Bridge, requiring a closure of the bus lane (lane 1) during inter-peak hours.

Phase 3 – Works in the Carriageway between the bridge and Staines Road, this may require a closure of lane 1 over night. These works have not commenced yet. Phase 3 night works will not occur every night, but TfL will expect some evening works to be carried out to expedite the works.

The contractor has informed Tfl that the residents and the businesses in the area have been notified of the works and that it will take 3 weeks to complete.

To conclude, Tfl, National Grid and the Council will have to ensure in the future that courtesy boards with the appropriate information about what is taking place on site, are sited in prominent locations. Also, ensure that the contractor will have workers on site during the agreed working period.”


I will post again if there is any update.

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  1. Jill Garrow Says:

    Thank you, Mark, for this full information. It beggars belief that National Grid hadn’t posted courtesy boards to inform the general public.

    Laughably National Grid’s website boasts a section called “Our Social Purpose” which is a mixture of political correctness and patronising statements aimed at primary school children. If you want a wry smile check this out:

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