Emergency Works: Gas Escape on A312 Harlington Rd West

I have just received the following:

“we have been notified of a gas escape in the south-western arm of Hounslow Road at the junction with Harlington Road East/West – please see e-mail below. To undertake the necessary excavations and repairs, it is necessary to close off a section of the south-western carriageway of Hounslow Road immediately south-west of the junction. Four way temporary traffic lights will be introduced at the junction so that each arm of the junction will have its own traffic signal phase to facilitate one-way shuttle working past the closed section of road.  The works could not be delayed until the half-term holiday and will inevitably cause serious delays at this busy junction.
The works are currently scheduled to take five days but I will advise you of any change to this programme that may arise as the works proceed.”

I will suggest that this be posted on the Council’s website.

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