Feltham Park Benches

I have been contacted by residents regarding the removal of benches in Feltham Park.

Whilst I have not made requests for the bench – close to the Helen Avenue entrance – to be removed, I have been very aware that it has been the location where most of the drinking has been taking place.

However, in response to concerns from residents, I made an enquiry and received the following response:

“I’m replying to your recent enquiry concerning the removal of two benches in Feltham Park.

The bench near the entrance from Helen Avenue was removed at the request of the Client Manager for Grounds Maintenance. It has been kept in storage. It’s removal was prompted initially by the Neighbourhood Community Safety Co-ordinator, following complaint from several of the residents whose properties back onto that area of the park. The bench was a popular congregating point for people drinking in the park.

You’ve mentioned the removal of another bench nearer to the children’s play area – but we’ve not removed anything else since December last year.”

It was back in 2002/03 when I sent out questionnaires to residents about the benches at the Hounslow Road entrance (opposite the junction with Park Way). I recall a very strong desire from residents for these to be removed as the large amounts of people congregating in that area was deterring others from entering the park (or atleast making it a less pleasant experience). There was also a minority who did not want those benches removed because they believed – quite reasonably – that the benches served a legitimate purpose for the decent majority. My position – and that of the police at the time – was to support removal and I believe that the removal was a success in that the ASB problems at that location pretty much went away. As for the bench by Helen Avenue, I was never made aware of any of those drinking being abusive to others. 

But I understand, and share, the discomfort with people drinking alcohol in the park.  At the same time, I remain sympathetic to those who do not support its removal.  I do not feel as strongly about this bench as I did with the other benches I have mentioned.

Interested in what others think!

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5 Responses to “Feltham Park Benches”

  1. Graham de wey peters Says:

    As you have closed the comments on Feltham park 30th Aug , i will reply on here , i think you have got a cross wire here , my remarks were about you reporting the area Clymping Dene on the 31st Aug , yet nothing had been done two weeks later , also if you don’t like Bowan , kindly stop spelling my surname with an ” a ” , yaccy dah ……

  2. Graham de wey peters Says:

    The removal of the benches in Feltham Park has been a disgrace , perhaps our local police force could make more effort in enforcing the law ,ie : on the spot fines , removal of the drunks and putting in a neighbouring County like Ashford , it has been explained to me by one PCSO that there is too much paper work involved nicking these people , well excuse me , but isn’t that why i pay my taxes ?? or perhaps the use of cctv by the Council , if you can use them on drivers why not the drunks in a local park , oh i forgot theres no revenue in drunks is there ….

  3. Mark Bowen Says:

    With regards to the first of the above, I will respond on the appropriate thread.

    With regards to the second comment, what I do not like is that there was a removal without consultation. Previous removals were discussed with residents in advance. There is no provision within a Controlled Drinking Zone to fining or removing drunks for drinking alone. The police will intervene when their drinking results in ASB. Before anyone points out that drinking in a public park is anti social, I tend to agree.

  4. Graham de wey peters Says:

    So does that mean you can drink within a controlled zone , but unless your behaviour is anti – social , the Police won’t do anything ??? or is it me ………

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