Feltham Park 30 August 2011

The following defect (at the side of 1 Clymping Dene) needs to be repaired in my view:

And the pond is still not looking as good as it should:

Will report all of the above in the morning.

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7 Responses to “Feltham Park 30 August 2011”

  1. Graham de wey peters Says:

    Grass verges at Clymping Dene , and Adjacent to The Dell , and entrance to Becketts Close in a shabby state and long overdue a cut ……is there a reason that two companies share the grass cutting duties ?? surely Cointenintal are falling behind in their areas , where as the Coy doing the Council estate areas seem to be on top of their cuts , perhaps this might be cheaper as well …………….

  2. Mark Bowen Says:

    Mr De Way Peters, I have reported this on 1175302.
    By ‘Coy’, I assume you meant ‘Company’?

  3. Graham de wey peters Says:

    Well Coucillor Bowan , the grass strip at Clymping Dene , has still not been cut , as has the other area ‘s mentioned by yourself , so whats going on ??? a problem reported by a ward Councillor and NO action ????? , welcome to the real world , sounds a bit like the Feltham Arena fiasco , does’nt it but …..boyo !!!!!!

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      Mr De Way Peters,

      I only reported what you pointed out yesterday. I had not expectation that there would be any response within 24 hours.

      My name is not “Bowan” neither is it “boyo” either. Not for the first time, I have no idea what purpose such rudeness serves?

      • Mark Bowen Says:

        In another thread, Mr De Wey Peters said:

        “As you have closed the comments on Feltham park 30th Aug , i will reply on here , i think you have got a cross wire here , my remarks were about you reporting the area Clymping Dene on the 31st Aug , yet nothing had been done two weeks later , also if you don’t like Bowan , kindly stop spelling my surname with an ” a ” , yaccy dah ……”

        In response:

        1. I have not closed the comments. I previously announced that comments would be closed after 14 days – this is worth reviewing.

        2. You yourself made reference to what you had previously pointed out.

        3. With regards to what was reported after the original posting, I am in the process of chasing a response.

        4. Any incorrect spelling of your name was not done with any malice or to be rude. It is a shame you cannot say the same thing.

        Iechyd Da, yn wir (Good Health, indeed)

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      Received the following today:

      “The grass areas In Becketts Close and Harlington Road West come under the Street Contract and are cut monthly so should be done by then end of this month.

      The grass areas at the junction with The Dell come under the responsibility of Hounslow Homes and I have e mailed them asking them to update you with the relevant information.”

  4. Mark Bowen Says:

    I have received the following:

    “I have spoken with John Laing who in turn have spoken to their contractors Continental Landscapes Ltd and have confirmed that they have manually removed around 8 tonnes of duck weed from Feltham pond so far this year and will continue to do so until the problem subsides with the onset of the colder weather.

    They went onto say that the management of the duck weed in general has been made more difficult since the removal of the approved water borne herbicide previously used for its control. CLL’s senior ecologist is in contact / discussion with the Environment Agency to see what action can be recommended to discourage the problem. In addition JLIS has been in discussion with a number of aquatic specialists in regard to this matter, who have suggest the installation of powerful under water jets to create a false current within the pond which will in turn discourage the duck weed from forming. Due to the heavy capital cost involved with this JLIS have not currently developed further with this proposal.

    It is hoped that with the onset of the warmer weather in spring 2012 both JLIS and CLL will be in a better position to provide a more planned response to this matter rather than this years reactive efforts.”

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