Feltham Arena Meeting

This morning, I met with representatives of Feltham Football Club and representatives of Middlesex County Football Association.  Technical in nature but I thought it was very constructive.

Before the meeting, we paid a quick visit to the Arena.  It was raining and, after speaking with one of the residents, took some pictures that I have since reported to the drainage section.

Odd side 83 and down:


I previously reported this on 1167621.  The response was:

“I write with reference to your e-mail regarding Shakespeare Avenue. The Council was made aware of an issue at this location on Wednesday, 20th July following an enquiry from a resident. The Council’s drainage technicians subsequently were in attendance on 21st July and cleansed a number of drains at the location.”

I have reported this again today on 1172363.

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6 Responses to “Feltham Arena Meeting”

  1. mark james mcaleese Says:

    Could we have some more details about this meeting.

    Was the excess amount of fill brought up in the meeting, (planning permission 16k, actual amount 71K)

  2. Mark Bowen Says:

    No doubt I will face more attack from some of your colleagues on the facebook group, but the meeting was not organised by me so it is not for me to give more information other than to say whom the meeting was with – naturally it was about taking the project further forward and was constructive. I was invited to attend and was happy to accept. I asked for consent before making this posting.

    As for the fill, no Council representative was present.

  3. mark james mcaleese Says:

    Thank you for replying so quickly. I really hope no one has a go at you about the meeting on site you attended. I guessed you were not the organizer of the meeting.
    I’m glad to hear it was towards moving the project on and was constructive. From what I heard from witnesses of the meeting it was a brief meeting. It was a shame I was at work as i’d of come out to listen to the meeting, No doubt Mr Lonsdale would of told me to shut up before I said anything like he did last week when I walked over to see Jin and John whom were talking to him.
    I noticed you was on Shakespeare avenue last night, I was about to come out and speak to you but you left before I could get outside.

  4. Mark Bowen Says:

    Sorry about my very quick visit last night. It had one objective, namely to see whether there was any more water opposite yours. I could see from my car that there was not so drove off.

    The meeting was not on the site as such. But there was a quick visit there before the meeting started.

  5. Graham de wey peters Says:

    Mark , i think the flooding of Shakespeare Ave , and the very large amount of silting of the drains in this road could be averted IF there was a trench dug stopping the run off in to Shakespeare Ave …

  6. Mark Bowen Says:

    On this occasion, I did not see anything to suggest that the water was caused by a run from somewhere else. However, I will wait for a response from the Drainage team.

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