Alley behind Harlington Road West shops

A friend and local resident made me aware of more dumping at the side of 102 Harlington Road West.  Here is what I just saw:

I also took at the alley behind the shops (starts from Lansbury Avenue):

Will report the above tomorrow morning.

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3 Responses to “Alley behind Harlington Road West shops”

  1. Mark Bowen Says:

    Reported on Online transaction number 1172002.

  2. Graham de wey peters Says:

    A mate of mine that lives in Lansbury Ave says that it has got worse since the barrier was removed by persons unknown , perhaps a tempory camera can be installed by the Council to help monitor the situation , though my friend says that he has caught some people dumping down here and they live in rented accomadation in Lansbury Ave, when challenged they just shrug their shoulders , and say not understand englishski ….

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      Here is what I received:
      “The area you have raised as a concern is not a public highway so normally we would not clears these areas.

      However, following a visit last week it was agreed that we would remove the rubbish on this occasion. A lot of the rubbish was black bags at the rear and the side of the alleyway. As these may have come from the flats I have spoken to Waste and recycling who have agreed that they will arrange for these premises to be lettered advising the residents of the correct refuse procedures.

      I will also be speaking to the Enforcement Officer for this area to ensure that the businesses have the correct Trade Waste Contracts for removal of their rubbish”

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