Former Gate Gourmet Site, Dick Turpin Way

See agenda item 7 of the next SDC agenda.  This is a major planning application at the edge of Feltham North.  Here are some pictures of the site at present:

The report has already been to the West Area Committee for consultation.   On the positive side, I like the idea of investment in the site and in the area.  I also suggested looking at any potential traffic safety improvements as well as not taking for granted the current excellent PTAL rating of 5.  A CPZ already exists in Hatton Green so there would not be a parking impact on those residents.  It is a very large hotel and I can accept that many of those will not have vehicles when staying over but Conferences could generate traffic in an already very busy area.  I was not too keen on the design either but that was just my subjective opinion.

The recommendation is for approval.  If you wish to make comments, here is a link.


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