Next few days

Not around much over the next few days so if you make comments and wonder why they do not appear, it is because I will not be as frequent as usual in checking emails, blog etc.

I hope to comment soon on what was an interesting & friendly Annual General Meeting of the Borough Council last week.

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  1. J sethi Says:

    Very nice to see how observant you are Mr Bowen.
    I take it however you are not so observant as you have not seen all the late night disturbances from 102 hounsloiw road everyday.From 9pm until 3am! Parking all along Hounslwo road on the pavement double parked!! and down that side road at the back of peoples houses.
    Mind you you approved this didnt you!! What councillor would do that against residents complaints of almost two years.
    I was at the planning meeting and you did not say one word to support any residents.We will all remember when voting comes around.

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      Mr/Mrs Sethi,

      Welcome to the blog. On the one hand you claim that I approved something and on the other you say I did not say a word. Only the latter is correct and you will recall that I was late to the meeting (my flight back from Newcastle was late and I got a message to the Chair) and as consideration of the planning application had begun by the time I had arrived, I was not able to participate in the discussion or vote. The minutes will confirm all of this.

      You are entitled to remember what you see fit. I, and officers of the Council, have to always remember that Planning is a quasi-judicial matter.

      I do not recall ever receiving emails from you – certainly not recently – about any of the problems you mention.

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