Drinking zone

I went to Feltham Park for a walk with my children earlier today and reported another breach.  The Operator asked me whether there was signage in the park and I started doubting myself so searched for something.  Here is the entrance at Hounslow Road (opposite entrance to Park Way):

The Chronicle have been in touch for a comment from me.  The key thing I would stress for any article they write in response to my blog postings is:

“I encourage all residents to report any drinking within Feltham Park to the police on 0300 123 1212.  Recently, I saw a large number of empty beer cans and bottles at one location near the alley to Helen Avenue.  I have therefore written to the Area Inspector and the relevant department at the Council to ask for their response to the problem.”

I will of course provide an update via the blog when I am in receipt of a response.  One thing I have not said recently is that the grass cutting in the park continues to be of a good standard and there continues to be no tagging on the kids play equipment.


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