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Path off Dick Turpin Way

January 18, 2011

Took this picture this morning of a path between Dick Turpin Way and the Great South West Road:

Quite a bit of overgrowth and wet leaves.  It needs some attention so will report it tomorrow.

Belated Happy New Year

January 17, 2011

As you will see from the previous two postings, I am back after a break from blogging.  Blogging better was not a New Years Resolution as there a number of things I wish to improve in 2011.  But will try and post more often.

The first few months of the year are going to be very very tough, especially when it comes to the Council’s Budget.  The following link includes a link to the Budget Consultation.  There are some other consultations going on which maybe of interest?

I wish everyone in Feltham North and elsewhere the very best for 2011.

The Road to more inefficiency

January 17, 2011

I have previously commented (here and here) on the outdated practice that takes place at LBH sometimes in inviting people through the most inefficient way, namely through the internal mail.

I received the following this week:

For the reasons given in the links above, if Conferences like this are to take place, inviting people in such an inefficient way is unacceptable.  As I sometimes do (and did with the links above), I will challenge this.

Last Saturday in Feltham North

January 17, 2011

Out and about last Saturday.  Picked up a few things to report:

1) Graffiti opposite 23 Harlington Road East

2) Graffiti at rear & side of Feltham Assembly Hall

3) Tyre tracks in Feltham Park

Near 1 Clymping Dene:

Near 29 Hounslow Road:

4) Entrance from Helen Avenue

Further to a posting on one of the Facebook Groups, I took a look and there was no graffiti:

Will report the relevant issues tomorrow.