Gould Road

The following article brought back something from the General Election period:


I received a lot of contact regarding the issuing of tickets for people parking two wheels on the pavement where there are double yellow lines (near the junction with Staines Road).

Some residents told me that I had lost their vote at the General Election because of the implementation of the cameras in the first place and some would not vote for me because I refused to be critical of the cameras being deployed at all (I was only critical of the poor implementation e.g. no consultation, poor signage).

But I am pleased not to be associated with an article like this one.  This posting is not critical of Mr Keen as I was not part of any conversation between him and the residents, nor have I seen any emails or letters.

But some from Labour were critical of these cameras being deployed and six months after they became the administration, the cameras remain.  Funny that I do not recall them saying when and why they had changed their minds.

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