Article on 102 Hounslow Road

This is a fair article on some of the things that have been happening recently, based on the contact I have received.

It is important, however, that residents report things through the relevant eForm when things happen.

I intend to take up any offer to visit the place when works are complete.

Update: I need to post the url as wordpress has changed the way that links are added and it seems to be having teething trouble:

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4 Responses to “Article on 102 Hounslow Road”

  1. Karim Abu Yussef Says:

    Just a quick comment on 102 Houslow Rd, Feltham.
    What are people so “worried” about ?
    It’s going to be a Masjid, a place of prayer for Muslims, a place for children and abults alike to learn how to be good, study, pray and relax in a secluded, peaceful and pleasant atmosphere.
    I do not see any wrong with that… Besides ALL issues relating to parking, noises, gatherings outside the building are being dealt with and the relevant authorities consulted before hand… so NO issues there.
    We are going to try to be friendly neighbours and all adjoining properties and would like any comments or issues directed to the Masjid Commitee before it gets out of hand … Detractors are always around looking for opportunities like this one !!!

    I do hope neighbours and other parties are listening and trying to see commonsense in what has to happen when a growing community of good peaceful Muslims try to improve themselves.

    We mean no harm to anyone and I think this project be good for the Muslim and non-Muslim community at large.

  2. Aziz Says:

    Dear all,
    I am still very surprised once more about the person Called Michael Phillips, who said in his comments that there are 25 complaints, I just wonder how he managed to know the number of complaints ? As I did say in my previous comment, that all these scenarios are made by one person under different name each time. He did not stop telling lies since day one. As we know that the complaints would have been dealt with confidentially, no one can know who did it or how many ? We suggest to our Councillor to not listen or receive complaints through blogs, because the person who complains can disguise under any name, but only official complaints with the full name and the full address, that the councillor personally can check. Because the 102 Hounslow property has only one neighbour close to it, and no one else. This neighbour bought his house few months after we bought ours from the Council, and he had been advised by another neighbour about our project. He did a total refurbishment to his house , he fitted a new dougle glased windows all around and a new porch, all this to avoid the noise of the cars passing by, because all the houses in Hounslow Road are near the main road. We ask the councillor to check all the complaints one by one and find out the genuine complaints, and we reserve the right to take to court any one who did false complaints just to create problems between the Cultural Center of the 102 Hounslow Road and the neighbourhood, by making our image and reputation look bad before even we started our activities. We also inform the councillor that we are ready anytime to have a meeting with him and the people who complained and discuss openly their worries. Just to let the persons who are are following this matter on this blog, That most of the neighbours next to 102 are all moslems apart from one.
    Best regards

  3. Mark Bowen Says:

    Thank you both for your comments. As I have said on this blog elsewhere, my role is to represent everyone in Feltham North and to make enquiries with the relevant department(s) at the Council when necessary.

    I do not moderate this blog strictly and allow people to post comments but I urge everyone to be cautious about making allegations, none of which, for the record, have been endorsed by me. Comments have always been allowed on this blog but I do not wish to play the part of a moderator.

  4. Rehaan Says:

    Dear Sirs

    It is strange that the sentiments being aired are unfounded and border line jingoistic I think Mark you are doing a great job to respresent all your constituents. However I would like to correct the earlier bloggers;

    – I find it strange that 3 complaints have been made in past few weeks against Hounslow Road; it has been undergoing refurbishment for the past year and was only used intermittently for pray during the month of Ramadhan which ended 12 September 2010. So very strange complaints being made in November…….

    – The comment by one of the bloggers implying Hounslow Council is more willing to listen to Ethnics is very offensive and borderline racist. I would like you to qualify what you meant by that statement ?
    Hounslow has an excellent track record of community cohesion and this has been reflected in national recognition in the form of Beacon Status. Furthermore “ethnics” have a long history of contributing notably Felthams most famous ethnic arguably Queen front man “Farukh Basra” more commonly known as Freddy Mercury.

    -With regards to parking the Feltham Assembly Hall has been used as a place for Friday prayers for the past 10 years and there has been no complaints to the council to this effect.

    – Contaminated Soil – don’t make me laugh but your more than welcome to bring your test tube to take sample of soil

    – Burning Furniture – don’t make me laugh this is a community centre not a rubbish tip

    I think the basis for the comments and than an unbiast article in the Hounslow Chronicle is very decisive and can damage community relations.

    “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

    I would encourage the earlier bloggers to take heed of the above advice, oops I forgot I have quoted an ethnic.

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