Latest Column in the Chronicle

Here it is.  Whilst I of course meant what I said about Alistair Darling, I would not want people to think that I thought he was a great Chancellor!

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  1. Peter Nicholls Says:


    Just heard the the people that want to convert the buiding at the dairy in Hanworth to a community hall have made a last minute appeal. Is there anything you could do? is there anything we could / shold do.


    • Mark Bowen Says:


      This came up at the most recent West Area Meeting under AoB. I recall that this will not be run in the format I was aware of but we were assured that the Planning Inspector is keen to ensure he/she has all comments whatever the point of view maybe. If the Inspector is taking anything into consideration, beyond the considerable discussion at the Area Committee when the application was refused than my standard advice is to comment on planning grounds alone.


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