Feltham Arena meeting yesterday

I thought it went very well and was well received by those present.  I recall the following being present:

  • Five local [Feltham North] residents (including Councillor Hutchison and I);
  • Two residents from Bedfont;
  • Three representatives from Feltham Football Club, including one Feltham North resident and a representative from Sporting Creations;
  • A number of Officers from Planning, Corporate Property, Leisure, Land Quality etc

I was very impressed at the way that the meeting was run by the Officer.  All questions were taken and answered fully.  I believe that everyone left the meeting feeling satisfied, certainly more than what they entered the meeting.

Minutes of the meeting were taken and actions were raised.  I expect that these will be placed on this when ready.

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  1. Gaham de wey peters Says:

    Well , nothing has been put on the Facebook page , apathy , so would you be kind enough to put the minutes of the meeting on here please Mark ….

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