John Toshack

My football hero!

He has been the manager of Wales since 2004.  I have previously mentioned him on the blog and drawn an analogy with his work in rebuilding the Welsh Football Team and the Government rebuilding this country in a number of ways.

There is a Press Conference at lunchtime today and it is expected that he will resign.  The performance against Montenegro last Friday was not good but the job he has done has been brilliant.  I have huge respect for people who take on the hardest of tasks and keep with it when the going gets tough and people get on their back.  Sometimes, there are no short-term fixes.  He polarised opinion, as this article points out, more than any other football manager I have known but he had my respect and admiration throughout.

My hope is that the lunchtime statement is not a resignation but this is unlikely.


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  1. James Lancaster Says:

    Toshack’s ill-fated tenure as Wales boss may well resemble that of the Government’s, I expect Clegg to be calling a press conference fairly soon, if he plans to save his parts. Also expect many international retirements, such as Cable, Huhne, Hughes and Hancock, to name a few.

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      Welcome to the blog!
      Nice attempt at an analogy but I have previously compared the work needed for Welsh Football with that of the Country. I offered no comparison with the Lib-Dems or Conservatives.

      I wonder if you are Welsh with your reference to his tenure being ill-fated?

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