Welsh Guards Military Tattoo

I went along to the Welsh Guards Military Tattoo at London Welsh, Old Deer Park yesterday.  Councillor Lynch was there representing the Mayor.  The event kicked off London Welsh RFC’s 125th Anniversary.

Various pictures of the band, the London Welsh Squad (coached by Englishman Phil Greening) and the Chelsea Pensioners watching the band:

Reference was made to the Welsh Guards transferring to the Barracks in Hounslow.  I am really excited about this.

As for London Welsh RFC, I hope to get to some games for the coming season and to future events celebrating 125 years.  The club serves Brains (and London Pride) which is a big bonus.

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2 Responses to “Welsh Guards Military Tattoo”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    Nice posting, Mark. I’m glad you enjoyed the Military Tattoo, but where was the publicity for it, especially locally? Non-existent, I think, which is a great shame. I think both Richmond and Hounslow have “missed a trick here”This was the first I had heard of this event. Pity about the weather, of course, but I don’t suppose it bothers our tough squaddies.

    As to London Welsh serving Brains, well I’d expect nothing less: I trust it’s “Skull Attack”? Makes me thirsty just typing that affectionate nickname for good old SA.

    It will indeed be exciting if the Welsh Guards transfer to Hounslow. Will they be making special provision for their renowned regimental mascot goat? They’d better, or I expect he’ll eat everything in sight!

  2. Gaham de wey peters Says:

    Mark , once the referb at Cavalry Barracks has taken place , and by god does it need it …. i was stationed there with my Regiment in the 80’s ( 1st Bn Grenadier Guards ) and it was a disgrace then , cockroaches in the kitchen’s , mice and rats in the accomadation blocks , it was even rumoured that a Sniper’s course was held in one block with the mice as the enemy !!!!! , it will be nice to see he old Bearskin and Tunic back in Hounslow once again .

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