Back again!

Here is the beginning of dealing with what was deemed most important by the vast majority of residents in Feltham and Heston at the recent General Election.  The legacy inherited from Labour on immigration and race relations is bad as the one inherited on the economy.  This is an area that the coalition government really needs to get right.

Sorry again for letting the blog lapse.  Here is the Borough Council Agenda for tomorrow.  I will post something after the meeting has finished.

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2 Responses to “Back again!”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    Very reasonable and timely question to Cllr Sharma, Mark. I was just thinking a while ago that the routine police presence in my part of the ward seems to have been slipping a bit again lately. I can’t remember when I last saw PCSO’s on foot (though did i read somewhere that this grade of police staff’s days are numbered anyway?), let alone uniformed officers.

    As it happens, I’m able to report a swift and acceptable result to the “low level” crime I recently reported to you (and, of course, to the met.) The arrested and charged defendant pleaded guilty, and the courts awarded me compensation (though it remains to be seen how long I have to wait to receive it). However, as the offender in this case lives just a few yards from me, I’m hoping that bobbies on the beat will be more prominent to stop him causing further trouble.

    Glad to see the blog back, as well as your “post-election report” through the door today (though bearing a June date, I see- some delay there, I guess?). I may well comment on that anon.

  2. Gaham de wey peters Says:

    Mr Savage , is right there seems to be a lack of patrolling PCSO’s , if you look at the area between Macdonalds and the Moon on the square there is normally 3 or 4 of them around the bus stop ,and by their general appearence they don’t do a lot of patrolling , perhaps if they did they could shift a few pounds !!!!!

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