Update on Flying the Flag for the England team during World Cup

I was at the Civic Centre during lunchtime and noticed that my suggestion had not been taken up so mentioned it in conversation with some interested parties.  I have just received the following:

“Cllr Sharma has asked me to let you know that he has given instructions to fly the flag of St George on match days – ie days when England are playing in the world cup.”

I acknowledge that he has compromised and have just written to him.

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3 Responses to “Update on Flying the Flag for the England team during World Cup”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    The compromise seems reasonable, Mark. While Hounslow borough is located in England, the citizenship ceremonies that are conducted at the civic centre are, of course, to bestow the honour of citizenship of the whole United Kingdom, not just our own home nation of England.

    By extension, therefore, it doesn’t seem wrong to me for the council to exercise a little caution in displaying an England flag, which might not quite be to the taste of those born in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland- or who feel allegiance to those nations (let alone to those of other nationalities who have chosen to live and work here legitimately and are welcomed!)

    Nevertheless, I think David Cameron made a valid point that since England is the only home nation that has qualified for this FIFA World Cup, the UK as a whole might like to get behind supporting England (even if all the Scots I know would do so with the greatest reluctance!).

    Of course, it does raise interesting questions about English “sovereignty” and an English parliament that I don’t see the coalition rushing to address, but maybe might be given consideration amidst all the other constitutional reforms proposed for this parliament?

    England, after all, does not have a “First Minister”, the only one of the home nations that does not, for starters…

  2. gill hutchison Says:

    So did the england flag fly yesterday

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