Eddie Menday MBE

Many congratulations to Eddie Menday on being awarded an MBE for his voluntary work at Longford Community School.  This is good news and has happened to a very nice man who clearly cares deeply for the local area.  As I have mentioned before, he is always willing and able to share his immense knowledge of the area.

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3 Responses to “Eddie Menday MBE”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    I can only agree with you, Mark. I’ve knowh him well for around 25 years as he’s also a member of my church. Like all of us, Eddie has his faults, but few locally could fault or match how much he has given to his community for over seventy years, I think. Well deserved, and I was really proud for him when I heard at the weekend. Indeed, I was surprised you didn’t mention this in connection with your eariler posting about an active weekend when you mentioned another of our tireless local citizens.

    And now the cat’s out of the bag about his age, too- I wonder how many people realised that he’s of such a venerable vintage! Maybe it’s all that service for others that has given him such longevity- or maybe its just the genes so let’s hope we have the benefit of his knowledge and talents for another decade and more yet!

  2. Mark Savage Says:

    I know, I think most people thought he was about that age! It must be all that cycling for so many years that keeps Eddie so hale and hearty. I wonder how many people locally know that he was also a keen road cyclist for many years, and even knows Jimmy Saville through the latter’s commentary on the former “Milk Race” (now known as the Tour of Britain).

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