Active weekend

I took my family to the Carnival at Blenheim Park on Saturday afternoon.  I caught up with a number of people I have not spoken with for a few weeks and I also saw former Councillor, John Howliston.  Without people like John, maybe there would not be a carnival?  He is a good man who is already missed on the Council.  There is no doubt about how much Bedfont and Feltham mean to him and I have a lot of time for that.

I went to the BA Clubs in High Street, Cranford for the first England game.  This World Cup is not the same for me (it has not since 1958 when Wales last Qualified) and whilst I am supporting England, I look forward to my son playing at the 2030 World Cup for Wales (wonder what odds I would get for such a bet?).

Yesterday afternoon, I took the children to the Brentford Fountain as the pool at the Airparcs is currently closed but this closure will be worth it as I anticipate a really nice new facility in the next month.

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  1. Mark Savage Says:

    I endorse your comments about John Howlistion, Mark, who I’ve known for many years. Perhaps too, Robina, John’s wife, deserves a mention. I suspect that as with your own family, she is the one who has supported her husband through it all, and I know that Robina and John continue to serve the local Liberal Democrats well as they did on their stall at Feltham Carnival.

    John’s involvement with the carnival though is I think essentially non-political. But even with his sterling efforts, there very nearly wasn’t a carnival this year thanks to the health and safety meddling of John Laing Integrated Services. Not only did they seem to think there was something dangerous about tent poles inside a tent, they also wanted to ban any animals- which would have put paid to the 58-year old carnival’s dog show not to mention the horse show and gymkhana.

    Now that the government have pledged to take a common sense approach to H&S issues, could JLIS- servants, not masters of the people, do likewise with their ‘rules’?

    I see somebody (OK, it was me- problems with the server meant it went on as “anonymous”) has commented on the Chronicle story about Feltham Carnival last week. Maybe with a bit more time on your hands now, Mark, you could spend some of it ensuring that John Laing are truly accountable to your ward constituents as far as Feltham Park, the Glebelands (and Blenheim Park? Not sure what ward that is in) are concerned.

    Not only that, but pressure needs putting on them as well, both in West Area meetings and in the relevant council meetings to remember whose land this really is, especially Bedfont Lakes. What would appear to be the cancellation of the Country Fair this year has not gone down well with the many who enjoyed this event for fifteen years as a true communty event. A “Nature Day” is all very well, but it’s not the same thing at all, and I notice nobody from JLIS or Continental Landscapes has yet provided an adequate reason why the Country Fair cannot continue. JLIS are getting far too big for their (green welly?) boots!

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