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The right thing to do

June 23, 2010

Like many people, I have had a stab at the budget calculator on a couple of websites.  My family and I will be worse off after this budget.  This will apply to a majority of individuals and families locally and across the country.

But I remain proud at the open, honest and coherent way in which the Government is dealing with the mess it has inherited.  Some people will dislike this way forward but it is back to conviction policies and both the country and democracy will be better for it.

Times will be painful but this is “honesty before popularity” – just as I like it!

All year round

June 16, 2010

We have started delivering the latest leaflet in Feltham North.  Picked up two things yesterday:

Refuse problem rear of Harlington Road West Parade

Yesterday morning, I took a look at the bins behind the shops.  I noticed that they were full and at the same time a gentleman tried to put two bags out at the side of 119 Harlington Road West (in Rosslyn Avenue).  I politely challenged him and he squeezed the two bags in the bin.

Here is what I saw in the morning:

And here is what I saw yesterday evening:

I have already made an enquiry with the relevant team to ask why these bins were so full on a Tuesday?

Dumped Garden Waste outside 7 Rosslyn Avenue

Someone not very considerate:

Will report this shortly.

Update on Flying the Flag for the England team during World Cup

June 15, 2010

I was at the Civic Centre during lunchtime and noticed that my suggestion had not been taken up so mentioned it in conversation with some interested parties.  I have just received the following:

“Cllr Sharma has asked me to let you know that he has given instructions to fly the flag of St George on match days – ie days when England are playing in the world cup.”

I acknowledge that he has compromised and have just written to him.

Eddie Menday MBE

June 15, 2010

Many congratulations to Eddie Menday on being awarded an MBE for his voluntary work at Longford Community School.  This is good news and has happened to a very nice man who clearly cares deeply for the local area.  As I have mentioned before, he is always willing and able to share his immense knowledge of the area.

Active weekend

June 14, 2010

I took my family to the Carnival at Blenheim Park on Saturday afternoon.  I caught up with a number of people I have not spoken with for a few weeks and I also saw former Councillor, John Howliston.  Without people like John, maybe there would not be a carnival?  He is a good man who is already missed on the Council.  There is no doubt about how much Bedfont and Feltham mean to him and I have a lot of time for that.

I went to the BA Clubs in High Street, Cranford for the first England game.  This World Cup is not the same for me (it has not since 1958 when Wales last Qualified) and whilst I am supporting England, I look forward to my son playing at the 2030 World Cup for Wales (wonder what odds I would get for such a bet?).

Yesterday afternoon, I took the children to the Brentford Fountain as the pool at the Airparcs is currently closed but this closure will be worth it as I anticipate a really nice new facility in the next month.

Email to Councillor Sharma 10/06/2010

June 11, 2010

Yesterday, I sent the following email to Councillor Jagdish Sharma, Leader of the Council:

“Dear Councillor Sharma,

I am pleased to see that the UK flag continues to fly at the Civic Centre following on from the recent Local Elections and trust that this will be a continuing feature, only broken when it is St Georges Day.  However, with the biggest tournament of the Sporting Calendar upon us, would you agree that it would be a good idea to fly the flag of St George for as long as England remain in the tournament?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards
Councillor Bowen”

No response yet but will hopefully receive one today.

First column for the Chronicle

June 10, 2010

A column for the Chronicle will alternative between Mary Macleod, Alan Keen, Jagdish Sharma and I.  Here is my first.

Nothing progressive about debt

June 9, 2010

Lord Myners speaks sense and deserves credit.  Makes me wonder whether we could have gone harder on this theme at the election?

Labour Leadership election thus far

June 8, 2010

I have not seen any condemnation from Labour politicians about the remarks made by one of the Leadership candidates in relation to about Baroness Thatcher.  His excuse appears to be that it was a joke.  Astonishing!

As for the Labour Leadership more generally, I do not think that Conservatives or the Coalition have anything to fear in any of the candidates.  From a partisan point of view, I am relieved that Liam Byrne is not standing.  I rate him very highly indeed – intelligent and comfortable with working people.  Labour were wrong to not go for John Reid when Tony Blair stood down as PM.  They were wrong not to persuade Liam Byrne to stand this time.  But I am not complaining.