New Leader of the Hounslow Conservative Group

The Conservative Group has just issued the following release:

Following on from the decision of Councillor Peter Thompson to resign as Leader of the Conservative Group, Councillor Mark Bowen has been chosen by the Group as its new Leader.

Councillor Mark Bowen said:

“Many people have had a shock at the local election results last week and I am really sorry that Peter Thompson is not able to continue to build on the many improvements that have been seen over the past few years.  It was a privilege to serve him as his Deputy for the past six years.  My priority now is to ensure that Conservatives provide strong opposition on the Council and work to safeguard the improvements that have been made.  However, we will support anything sensible that comes forward from the new administration.  My Deputy will be Councillor Adrian Lee who is the most formidable of debaters in the Chamber.  I think he will do a great job.”

Councillor Peter Thompson said:

“I am, of course, profoundly sad that last week’s result means that we won’t be able to build upon all that we have achieved over the last four years.  We had exciting plans to guide our borough through the challenging times that lie ahead but now that privilege falls onto others.  Having spent over 10 years as either leader of the opposition or leader of the council I have decided to step back from frontline politics and I am delighted that the Conservative Group has chosen Mark to lead us forward.  We have had a wonderful journey over the last four years and I am delighted that we pass over the Council in a vastly superior state than we inherited it!”


As always, I do not forget that I am a Councillor because the people of Feltham North have given me that privilege.  My obligations as a ward Councillor always remain amongst my top priorities.  The role of Leader of the Opposition is a crucial one and I will do all that I can to be constructive, objective and clear.

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4 Responses to “New Leader of the Hounslow Conservative Group”

  1. Paul Fisher Says:

    Many congratulations Mark and I am sure you will fill Peters shoes very well though he will of course be a hard act to follow but the very best of luck in your new and deserved role

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      Many thanks Paul. You were one of the nicest people I worked with on the Council and will miss that. You served the people of Isleworth, and the wider Borough generally, really well.

      I wish you all the best. Good Luck to QPR for next season (except when they play Swansea).

  2. Mark Savage Says:

    Well done, Mark. A very wise choice, and although it must seem to you like the “consolation” prize, in this week full of political surprises I’m sure you’ll not regret taking this new role on and keeping Labour in check locally.
    All the best for the future back in a familiar debating chamber, and if it be your will and others, maybe your chance in the great chamber of Westminster will yet come.

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