I took part in a second hustings earlier this evening.  It was organised by the Hounslow Muslim Forum.  There was a large turnout (100 or so) and the following candidates were on the panel:

Mary Macleod – Conservative in Brentford and Isleworth
Ann Keen – Labour in Brentford and Isleworth
Alan Keen – Labour in Feltham and Heston
Munira Wilson – LibDem in Feltham and Heston
Andrew Dakers – LibDem in Brentford and Isleworth
Elizabeth Anstis – Green in Feltham and Heston
John Hunt – Green in Brentford and Isleworth

We drew lots and the candidates spoke in numerical order.  Alan Keen gave a decent and reasonable opening statement.  I said so.  However, some of what I heard from Ann Keen was beyond belief.  Her opening statement included an attack that not only did Hounslow turn blue in 2006 but it turned white also.  A number of us (not only me) were disgusted by these remarks and whatever happens at this election, these are comments that must be exposed.  I wonder what the Prime Minister would think of them, both publicly and privately?

Later on when Mr Keen was answering a question, Mrs Keen felt the need to call me “a prat”.  And people wonder why there is cynicism about politicians!

I thank those who organised the event.

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3 Responses to “Unbelievable”

  1. becky stewart Says:

    I was there last night and was so disgusted by Ann Keens comments I had to walk outside to calm down. When I returned the people who stood next to me were horrified by her comments as they said that type of stupid comment insights racism and is negative to all people of all races, colours or creed. Clearly a desperate woman clinging on to the end.
    The rest of the candidates including alan keen conducted themselves with dignity and fairness to each other.

  2. mycardiff Says:

    The fact that this Keen pair have the temerity to seek re-election is something I find profoundly depressing. Frankly, if either of them win I may well become a fervent supporter of electoral reform – or give up on politics completely.

  3. Peter Nicholls Says:

    Mark is the only candidate i have seen canvasing in Hanworth Park, even delivering his own leaflets !. I am not a natural Tory ( not keen ( no pun!) but i have seen Mark in action for the council, i DO believe he cares and in what he says.Therefore he will get my vote. as will the local Conservative councilors, Paul, Rebecca and Beverley who i have also had te pleasure to see working for the community. You all struck me as ordinary working approachable people.
    Good Luck to you all.
    Cameron better not let ME down on national issues !!!!

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