Previous couple of days (things picked up)

As I intended originally months and months ago, I will looking out for things until the end of the campaign (and beyond).  Here is some more:

1) Highways

A dip in the footway outside 27-29 Westminster Close, Feltham:

An open cabinet outside 44 Waterloo Close:

2) Vandalised bin

Outside 780 Bath Road, Cranford:

3) Graffiti

On Westmacott Drive (near junction with Beattie Close):

Will report on Tuesday.

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3 Responses to “Previous couple of days (things picked up)”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    I took a train journey through South London on Saturday to attend an event in Bromley. I used different routes on each part of the journey, so it gave me plenty of opportunity to see how our are compares to other areas of London on graffiti and similar ugly blots on the landscape.

    Seeing how depressingly bad ‘tagging’ is alongside the line in some parts of London, only made me realise what a magnificent job on the graffiti issue Mark has helped to achieve in the last four years. It’s interesting that in their pathetic paucity of policies, the Labour candidates could only “borrow” Grimebusting and graffiti patrols for their own manifestos.

    Whatever the outcome on Thursday, you’ve made our area look so much more pleasant Councillor Bowen, particularly via your astonishing abililty- where do you find the time- to spot and report anything amiss. However did we manage on this matter without you. Well done again!

    Now all you need to tackle- nationally or locally- is why kids (and probably not a few adults too) tag and graffiti in the first place. I’ve seen very little input on this from you. To give Alan Keen rare credit, at least he published a very helpful Anti-Social Behaviour handbook with lots of useful information. I don’t care how it was paid for- it was practical and will be retained by my phone whoever’s in power after Thursday.

    Other than the skills centre issue- and you know how some of us feel about the ramifications of that- I’ve seen little from you Mark, I think, on what you would do for the youth of the area and how you would discourage anti-social behaviour in the first place. I guess there might be something in the local manifesto, but what’s your personal view? Currently you’re fixing symptoms- what about addressing the cause?

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      Thank you for the kind remarks. I disagree that I have not said anything about the cause. I was the candidate at the hustings that made reference to the loss in Britain’s sense of civility. Therein lays the cause of a range of problems.

      In addition, I have spoken at some meetings I have attended about the extremely serious problem of underachievement amongst boys from some demographic groups.

  2. Mark Savage Says:

    Sorry sir, fair point about having not spoken about the cause of anti-social behaviour, i.e. loss of civility. I’m with you entirely on that, as you probably know. However, you could have said more.

    It’s easy for us to mouth our platitudes, harder to do something about it. Kids that thrive as youths and those that go on to become civic-minded, polite and reasonable adults, unfashionable as that may be, are those who have had people pay attention to them in their everyday life. Not just at school, but outside it. The evidence I’ve seen so far in this borough, with one or two honourable exceptions such as at Southville, is that our youth are far worse served than they used to be in Hounslow borough, and I fear it would not get much better under a new national regime where cuts have to be made.

    DC made much at the start of the campaign about “the big society”- which the cynics just see as a metaphor for massive cuts. I reserve judgement on that personally- time will tell. But the fact is that present government policy has not helped in encouraging the sort of volunteers that can help to build strong relationships with teenagers= the same sort that led a thriving youth club for many years at Christ Church in Feltham and out of which have come, I know personally, at least one or two of your supporters, Mark. Not that I’m saying church youth clubs should be a ‘nursery’for young voters, but the church is not being helped at all by the kind of nany state policies that seem as much bound to Europe as to GB and the over-zealous vetting and barring scheme. Neither are many other young people’s groups, such as Scouting.
    What are your views on that- I really don’t know, but I can assure you they stop many good men and women playing their part locally in church and community life.

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