The English Question

I have received the following:

“The present situation, whereby MPs from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales can vote on laws that will apply in England, but not their own countries, is undemocratic and unsustainable.

There are various reforms that might answer the West Lothian Question and increase democratic accountability for English voters.  The POWER2010 campaign, for example, has identified “English Votes on English Laws” as one of the top five most popular political reforms that people would like to see introduced by the next parliament.

As you are seeking to represent me at Westminster, can you tell me which reform, or combination of reforms, to the governance of England you prefer:

1. Status quo – a continuation of the present system.

2. English votes on English laws – allow only MPs representing English seats to vote on English matters.

3. A devolved English Parliament.

4. English Regional Assemblies.

5. Localism – devolution to smaller units of English governance (counties, cities, towns)”

I agree strongly with the first paragraph of the above.  I would also support option 2 as the way forward.

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