Duke of Northumberland (at River Gardens)

At our stall in Hounslow West yesterday afternoon, I met a very nice couple who recently went for a walk in at the above river.  He informed me about the condition and kindly sent me some pictures.

Not a Council matter to resolve but I will report this to the Rivers Authority.  It needs a response and hopefully quick attention.

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2 Responses to “Duke of Northumberland (at River Gardens)”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    Well the river itself might not be the responsibility of Hounslow council, Mark, but surely any damage to the banks is? I’d always assumed all the land alongside the Rivers Crane and Duke of Northumberland rivers within their course in the borough IS the council’s responsiblity- whereas the Longford River, including “the banks and the freeboard” is Royal Parks territory- there’s a rather quaint (and graffitod, incidentally) notice by the High Street bridge in Feltham that says as much.

    Incidentally, pardon me if I’m sounding pedantic, but I’d expect a would be MP to know, and be more careful with useage of, names of the appropriate bodies or quangos responsible for government functions, whether local or national. There has not been a Rivers Authority- upper case or lower case- for many years. The National Rivers Authority was disbanded and most of their riperian responsibilites taken on by The Environment Agency, in England at any rate. There are a few exceptions, such as the tidal Thames which is of course Port of London Authority territory.

    It might suggest you’re more clued up Mark if you use the appropriate authority name in future. While nobody can be expected to know everything, this is fairly basic stuff.

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      With regards to the first paragraph, my assumption was different to yours but my enquiry will make things clearer.

      With regards to the second paragraph, thank you for the feedback and fair enough. All I can say is that I am in the results and outcome business and think my record is very good in that regard.

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