Theresa Villiers in Feltham North on 17/04/10

The Shadow Secretary of State for Transport came to Feltham and Heston on Saturday.  She and I went around Viola Avenue, Beeston Way, Baber Drive, Byward Avenue, The Vale and Hounslow Road.  We delivered literature and walked and talked a lot about local transport issues and how the campaign was going more generally.  Here are the two of us in The Vale:

As was the case in my previous visit to these streets, there were a large number of defects marked out for repair.   Here are three from 47 Viola Avenue, 77 Viola Avenue and 97 Beeston Way:

Outside 212 Hounslow Road (after I reported the matter):

The utility box opposite 44 Viola Avenue still needs attention:

The graffiti and fly tip has been removed at the allotment in Viola Avenue:

Great to have such brilliant weather at the moment!

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One Response to “Theresa Villiers in Feltham North on 17/04/10”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    Just watching Ms Villiers on BBC Breakfast at the moment, Mark, looking a little bit like Mortitia Addams at the moment I have to say- and I mean that as a compliment. It must be all the strain of campaigning!

    Theresa’s talking about the aftermath of the flight ban and the need for a public enquiry. Personally, I think the government has handled this appallingly, though of course as Sian Williams has pointed out, other European countries have been affected too. What interests me is the possibility of a public enquiry being held involving an ex-government, if you get the result you want on May 7th.

    With this in mind, though, Mark, I’d be interested to know if you have an opinion on the volcanic ash air chaos. How would you have handled things differently? It’s obviously had a big effect on your would-be constituents- though maybe it’s difficult for you to express an opinion as a BA employee?

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