Nepalese New Year

I was invited to the above, held at Hounslow Barracks, last Saturday.  Always get a lovely welcome and they do motivate me with their real commitment and loyalty to this country.

And, they always seem to serve Curry Goat at these events, which is a bonus as Goat is my favourite meat.


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  1. Mark Savage Says:

    A lovely posting, Mark. Totally agree with you about the ghurka commitment and loyalty to this country- and even more so to this borough and Feltham, perhaps, in particular. It makes one feel so proud to see them parading at the war memorial on Remembrance Sunday for the last few years, and bless Joanna Lumley for getting their contribution to Britain’s defence properly recognised with the citizenship decision last year- though it should never have taken so long for the government to do a u-turn on that.

    So goat is your favourite meat, eh? Can you get away with that as a Welshman. A lot of sheep farmers might feel a bit disenfranchised 🙂 Only joking. I don’t think I’ve ever tried it myself- don’t remember seeing it in ASDAs refrigerated displays laterly- but maybe I will one day.

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