Feltham Park 15/04/10

Walked through from Clymping Dene on my way to Park Way earlier today.  On the whole looking very good:

I have sung the praises about the improvements in the three local ponds but I will report the following as I want the improvements to remain:

New trees!:

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4 Responses to “Feltham Park 15/04/10”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    One thing that does concern me, Mark, is the lack of seating in the park, particularly around the pond area. The other week, I wanted to enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet by the pond, but there was nowhere to sit- other than on the Harlington Road wall under a weeping willow. Can some money be found in the budget to replace these?

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      It is worth looking at this again, in consultation with the police. There will always be concern about benches in this park and it is a tough one. We rightly removed the ones by the entrance opposite Park Way a number of years ago. I do continue to get the odd complaint about the usage of one of the benches. A difficult balance as benches serve and obvious and legitimate need but some, in the past, have attracted ASB.

  2. Graham de wey peters Says:

    Mark , with the removal of the benches , the Council are just surrendering the park to the drunks , i had to phone the PSCO’s again the other morning ( 08.30 ) about the usual Polish drunks by the alley , i also enquired how many of these were fined , ” not enough ” was the answer !!! perhaps the cameras that have been installed at the local shops near the entrance could scan the park areas as well , or is it easier to get drivers number plates for parking fines ???????

    • Mark Bowen Says:


      I think it was 2004 that the benches near the take-away were removed. I do remember sending out a leaflet to residents quite early on in my first term and the majority wanted those benches removed. Once the Police made the request, it was carried out.

      I think it was right on balance to remove those three benches and it certainly led to a good outcome as a number of elderly residents told me that they felt more comfortable entering the park at that entrance.

      However, I agree it is most unfortunate for something to be removed when it serves a legitimate purpose for some of the time.

      With regards to the ASB, I will speak with the Safer Neighbourhood team. Please email me if you have any CAD reference numbers related to this.


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