Latest General Election leaflet

I am not certain if anyone is counting but I *think* we are getting out the most literature and *know* we are if we only count literature being delivered by party volunteers on foot.

My latest is the A3 ‘Change’ leaflet, which I really like (no surprise there).  I am really pleased with the balance between General and Local issues.  Anyone who agrees or disagrees can comment!

We have a visit from one of the Shadow Cabinet later today.  I will post about this later.


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5 Responses to “Latest General Election leaflet”

  1. mycardiff Says:

    Keep up the excellent work Mark. I just hope the constituents of Feltham and Heston realise the amount of miles you cover and your dedication to improving the area. I hope they see beyond party labels when they vote, and go for the bloke who’s going to fight their corner best in Parliament i.e you.

  2. Mark Savage Says:

    OK, you asked if anyone who agrees or disagrees about the General and Local issues can comment, so I’ll rise to your challenge, Mark (or should I say Robert- sorry, but I knew a Robert Bowen at school!)

    Here in my road (you know where I am), I’ve already lost count of the amount of leaflets I’ve received from a certain gentleman who is clearly very “keen” to get my vote! This was both before and after the General Election was confirmed. The trouble is, most of them say pretty much the same thing and like his previous efforts appear to be written to a template. And yet my brother, a registered elector at the same address, has received absolutely nothing from our ex-MP (as of today and at least until May 7th, permanently if you have your way of course, Mark!)

    Strangely, today I received two communications from your main opponent within half an hour of each other- one not bearing a stamp though addressed to me personally- does that mean it could still have come through Royal Mail? Then there was a stamped and addressed letter in with the post. By the way, I’d be interested to know your opinion on the state of Royal Mail, Mark; the times of postal delivery round here now vary incredibly and the service, frankly, is a shadow of what it once was.

    As far as your own communications are concerned though, be they for local or national elections, I don’t think I’ve seen anything for about six days- I can’t recall the latest one you refer to above. One thing I would say is that I’m afraid your colleagues Mr Wilson and Ms Hutchinson seem to be rather taking our vote for granted in Feltham North; practically all the material I’ve received over the past year has referred to your own record, but I know little or nothing of what these two councillors have done in their own right. Collective responsibility is a fine and honourable thing, but I’d rather like to know what merits they can offer individually for a further term of office.

    I could of course refer to (ex?) Councillors Wilson and Hutchinson’s attendance record on-line, and perhaps to anything they might have said in West Area meetings etc. But should I need to? If they want my vote, i want to know what they have done too- not just you (who is far more likely to get at least one of my three votes at present).

    Shouldn’t literature aiming to get votes for a trio of Conservative councillors be giving fair shares and coverage to each of them, rather than, forgive me saying, being so “Bowenaccentric”?

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      Thank you for that feedback. The difficulty here with the election being held the same day is that the literature for the General Election will be in my name only.

      With regards to the team in Feltham North, I believe that the ward has had one of the hardest working teams in the Borough. Allan worked extremely hard as Deputy Mayor in his first year back as a Councillor. He has also made an impressive contribution with his membership of the Children and Young People Scrutiny Panel. He presented a report nearly a year ago to Executive which impressed everyone.

      Gill has been one of the 2006 intake who has made the best impression in my opinion. She has grown in her four years more than I did in my first term. She has put in a huge amount of work on the Board of Hounslow Homes and has held more surgeries in the ward than even I have over the four years, especially when I do not count the joint ones I hold with Tony Arbour.

      The reference to attendance record is fair. Here is Gill’s over four years:

      Here is Allan’s:

      And, here is mine:

      The Local leaflet going out gives almost equal coverage to the three of us.

  3. Mark Savage Says:

    Thank you for that, Mark. Clearly, there are disadvantages in the emphasis that can be given in election communications, but an obvious cost-saving and efficiency in holding local and general elections on the same day. I think in this of all years, for the General Election to be on any day other than the same day as the local elections would have been the worst example of inefficiency going.

    Thank you too for the information on Alan and Gill’s activity for Feltham North these last few years. I guess rather as the public only tend to see MPs in the chamber and perhaps not realise how hard they are working behind the scenes in committees, such is the lot also of a local councillor?
    I had actually checked all three of your attendance records at in the end before your helpful links above, and have to admit they are far more impressive than I had thought they would be! Well done to all three of you on your commitment. It is a fine example, compared to the rather shameful attendance record of some councillors.

    Having said all that, the occasional input of new blood is as important as experience I think, so I’m still considering where I might use the luxury of my three crosses on May 6th for the borough council elections (though one of them is pretty much decided…).

    Thanks for the info, and I look forward to the next leaflets.

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