Alley at rear of shops at Vicarage Farm Road

I discussed a number of issues with businessmen in Heston yesterday.  The two main ones were cameras being used for parking enforcement and the condition of the alley at the rear of the shops (opposite the Community Centre).  Here are some pictures of the latter.

Rear of 313:

Rear of 315:

Rear of 319:

Rear of 333:

Rear of 341:

As is usually the case with these alleyways, they are not the responsibility of the Council but there are atleast two issues I will ask be investigated:

  1. Many of the bins are overflowing – are more required and/or is the schedule for collection sufficient?
  2. The mess in this street is surely likely to attract rats.  I will ask for the Pest Control and/or Pollution team to take a look for themselves to see what action is required?

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2 Responses to “Alley at rear of shops at Vicarage Farm Road”

  1. David Gibbs Says:

    Perhaps if these business took a bit more time to improve the look of the area then they would do more business

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