Local Elections 2010

The Statement of persons nominated for the local elections has been published (here is a copy) and I have taken a look at the list of candidates in all Feltham and Heston wards.  Here are some of the headlines that jumped out when I first read it:

* Looks very bad for the Lib-Dems.  They appear to only be players in Heston West (and we are doing the most work there with Labour second) and have no candidates in three out of ten wards.  Residents who have sympathy towards the Lib-Dems at a local level do not have the choice of voting for them in Cranford, Heston Central and Heston East.  I remember at the 2001 General Election when the Lib-Dems said in their literature (not unreasonably), “Remember there are no Conservative Councillors in Feltham and Heston” – there were five Lib Dems at the time;

* BNP candidates do not wish to stand in their own wards – half of them live in Bedfont but none of them are standing in Bedfont;

* Labour, as is usual, have a full slate of candidates.  For the first time since I have lived in the Borough, Conservatives do also;

* I am surprised that former Feltham North Councillor, Stuart Walmsley, is not a candidate anywhere for Labour.  To a lesser extent, I am surprised that Bobbie Awan (aka Wason) is not a candidate either;

As for Feltham North, only the three Conservative candidates live in the ward.  But our approach must continue to be not to take anything or anyone for granted.

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