Few streets in Feltham North

Such a lovely evening that I went out for a stroll (and a few deliveries).  I enjoy being out and about throughout the constituency but what is especially pleasant about seeing people in Feltham North is that I do not get the “we only see you lot [politicians] at election time” or “you all make your promises” etc.  Do not get me wrong, I am not claiming that everyone agrees with me in my ward but I do believe that the vast majority in Feltham North recognise that they do hear from their Councillors all year round.

I have previously been asked why I do not have *after* photographs on the blog.  Well, I recently chased a repair of a footway defect outside 27/29 Buckingham Avenue.  A good job has been done and I noticed it yesterday:

I continue to keep an eye at the side of the shops (side of 119 Harlington Road West).  It is rare that I now see the bags out early at this location and I was going to say “steady tapping breaks the stone” but saw this:

Nice to have the brighter and drier evenings!

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