Sticking with my character

With Sir Michael Caine endorsing us this morning, I want to assure residents that whilst I am thrilled, I will not be emulating some of the brilliant characters he has played over the years as part of my tactics to persuade people to support me.  I remember a Spitting Image sketch where Michael Caine was playing Jacques Delors and someone used some interesting tactics to persuade a representative of one of the Member States to sign a treaty – on the lines of “listen punk, either sign this treaty or you know what I am gonna do?….”.  It was very funny but cannot find it on youtube.

Honest impressions of the start of the campaign is that the Conservatives are on the front foot and that the National Insurance rise is really hurting Labour but not as much as the claims from the Prime Minister that businessmen were duped.

I was genuinely surprised that Labour went for this increase as I remember Lord Digby Jones (previously part of the Government of many talents) expressing serious concern about previous increases in NI contributions and stressed that it made it more expensive to employ people.

This morning I met a very nice lady on Southern Avenue who will not be voting for me but was keen to acknowledge that she has been impressed with the difference that Conservatives have made since becoming part of the Council’s adminstration.

Out canvassing last night, and some people were keen to express concerns about the increase in Buy to Let properties over the years.  This is an example of where my views (as previously expressed on the blog) are closer to the views of residents than Party Policy.  On the whole, I received a friendly response and was encouraged.

Off to Heston this evening.

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