On my way to (and back from) The Centre

Whilst not yet quite complete, things are looking much better in the alley between Helen Avenue and New Road:

I have previously reported the following utility box in Hounslow Road near the junction with Fern Grove (opposite St Giles Hotel).  Here is what I was told:

“I refer to your blog of 24 January, 2010 regarding above subject.   Virgin Media has been notified to repair their broken cabinet within 7 seven days under Section 81 of the New Roads and Street Works Act, to maintain their apparatus in the street to the reasonable satisfaction of the street authority.”

Either it was repaired and then damaged again or it was not repaired at all?  I do not know but it needs attention:

The following needs a visit from TfL – it is outside 37 Harlington Road West:

I am about to report the above.

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