Alley next to Feltham train station

Leaving the station yesterday (at the To Reading end), I took a walk down the alley as I could not remember the last time that I did so.  Quite a lot of graffiti and litter:

I also noticed that a panel was missing, which seemed to contribute to litter being dumped on the river [Longford] bank:

And, quite a lot of empty cans of strong lager on land that appears to be aligned to Blockbusters:

Will report the above later today.  I also need to go through files as I remember making an ownership query about this in the past.



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  1. Mark Savage Says:

    I’m glad you’re looking into this, Mark.

    This alley will, in theory, be getting much more use in the late evenings since the closure of the main entrance to Feltham Station on Platform 1 after 23.30 (you might like to look into this separately when you’re not ‘otherwise engaged’!). Therefore, people not familiar with the area are going to have to use it to get to the bus station. It’s hardly the most welcoming introduction to the area at the present and I’m sure many people feel a little bit threatened using it- especially as this part of Bedfont Lane has been a centre of anti-social activity. Whoever’s responsible for the land needs to get their act together so that people feel safer using it.

  2. Mark Bowen Says:

    I received the following today:

    “With reference to your recent enquiry regarding the footpath area by the station.

    I have e mailed Royal parks regarding the missing fence panel and the litter on the banks.

    As you are aware we have raised similar issues before with Royal parks and hopefully they will respond with a timescale when they will be able to carry out the works.

    I have also been in contact with Blockbusters head office and again await a response from them regarding removal of beer cans.”

  3. Mark Bowen Says:

    I have also received the following:

    “I have spoken to the Graffiti Officer and she has requested for the contractors to visit and clean the area on an urgent basis.”

  4. Alex Says:

    Good to see you taking the time to highlight the vandalism around town. Maybe if the CCTV system installed was focused on actually targeting Crime, Vandalism and Anti-Social Behavior as per the signs and not law abiding taxpayers for traffic contraventions the residents would have a fair return on capital investment and a safer neighborhood as per the council top ten targets.
    Also noticed that the CCTV is now targeting disabled drivers in the town when the CCTV was installed to curb the youth element at the location.
    This CCTV parking fine is becoming an issue in town and I hope you address this soon….

    • Mark Bowen Says:


      Welcome to the blog!

      As you know, I made an enquiry about this on your behalf. Here is what I received:

      “This decision was taken in the summer of 2009 as part of an ongoing programme to enable enforcement to take place at locations that have historically been difficult to enforce due to lack of resources or possible threat to CEO’s and the need to ensure that coverage is equitably spread across the borough. with regard to the governance arrangements, whilst the Director of Environment is responsible for all RTA and TMA legislated enforcement, his Parking Manager is authorised under delegated Powers to carry out the enforcement function. How enforcement is carried out with regards to legislation is a legislative matter and therefore would not be subject to member intervention. However, a Scrutiny Review was carried out in 2008 of the Parking Service and its policies, which went to the Executive in January 2009, and members were generally satisfied with the conduct of the service. We are working on implementing the recommendations raised.

      Where the Traffic Orders or TfL signage are in place we have to enforce in accordance with this. However, there may be opportunity for member intervention when CPZ and TfL policies are being agreed.

      I can confirm that the cameras are duel use however, during enforcement hours they are primarily used for parking enforcement. There is however, functionality built into the system whereby should an incident occur the Police have the facility to take control of the camera.

      Finally, I refer to the issue that you have raised with regard the warning signs. A number of warning signs were placed in this area to advise motorists of the intention to enforce parking contraventions by CCTV. It is clear that at a number of locations these signs are removed. Parking Services do monitor that these notices stay in place however, if we are aware that they are removed we ensure that they are replaced at the earliest possible time.”

      I do not like the democratic deficit that has emerged in this area.

      I also received the following:
      “Given that just across from the bus stand there is suitable place for boarding or alighting from vehicles, I am confident that this will be quite soon.”

      I think that your suggestion is a good one. I received the following on 27 March:

      “I was pleased to see that the bus interchange looked somewhat better than on my previous visit, with the graffiti having been removed. Of the eight original sheet mesh seats, one had been removed and two more were damaged. I’ve asked Environmental Projects to see whether they can be repaired either in situ or off site. If we have to replace them then we may have to do the whole lot to maintain consistency of appearance.

      Bus stand A, which is nearest to the station frontage, accommodates bus routes 285 and 490 towards Heathrow (a combined frequency of 11-12 buses/hour on weekdays), while stand D (closest to the Longford river bridge) accommodates routes 285 and 490 in the opposite direction (a combined frequency again of 11-12 buses/hour). Stand B, the island stand, accommodates route H25 (3-4 buses/hour in each direction).

      Stand C, the one directly off New Road, has, to the best of my knowledge, been unused by London Buses for several years. (Someone in London Buses may be able to provide the history of this – perhaps it was the former H21 service). Several years ago I gave permission for a private workers’ bus service to use this stand, on an indefinite basis but subject to revocation at our request.

      It would be highly desirable to be able to offer motorists some space in this area to pick up and drop off passengers. I therefore intend to review the correspondence with the workers’ bus operator to ascertain the frequency of this service. It it’s infrequent and if it doesn’t lay-over at the station it may be possible to move it to stand B (sharing with route H25) and free up stand C for cars picking up and dropping off. I’ll come back to you when I’ve had a chance to check this out.”


  5. Mark Savage Says:

    Well said, Alex, about the CCTV cameras.

    There will be a chance to ask questions of the Lib Dem, Tory and Labour candidates at a hustings at The Vineyard Centre, 613 Browells Lane, Feltham, on Friday 28th April (opposite Leisure West bus stop). The event is from 8-9.30 p.m; admission is free and open to all.

    I suspect the heavy hand of TfL laying into Hounslow council on the new “enforcement measures” at Feltham station platform 1. while it may be technically illegal for drivers to pull into bus bays to drop passengers off, surely to penalise them runs contrary to encouraging ‘green’ travel options and the use of sustainable transport.

    Whatever short-sighted bod designed the new bus station layout in the mid-90s should at least have thought to add a “kiss and drop” pull-in where it is most needed and most likely to be used, i.e what is now the main station entrance, and to Platform 1, London bound.

    Most heavily-used suburban stations either now already provide these or are making plans to do so. While it could be argued such a facility is available at the platform 2 entrance around the car park, this is not an ideal spot for doing so due to the junction at the foot of the bridge being even more busy- and potentially dangerous- than in Bedfont Lane.

    If TfL can’t be persuaded to surrender the bay on New Road for “kiss and drop”, perhaps the council could provide a mini roundabout in the Sydney Street car park to allow partners and friends to drop off car passengers as close to the station as possible.

    I hope the new council will address this issue as soon as possible.

  6. Mark Savage Says:

    Sorry, wrong date in my last posting- should read

    Hustings at The Vineyard Centre on Friday 30th April.

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