A call for more interesting news releases

Yes, I admit it.  I read Alan Keen’s website.  I saw this today (ok, don’t read it regularly).

It really would be much more interesting to people if Mr Keen were to issue News Releases that did not appear to be based on Labour Party templates sent out to all MPs that containwithin:

<INSERT Name of Opponent>
<INSERT Constituency>

By not following templates, he would not allow himself to be accused of claiming something that is incorrect, in this case, “Mark Bowen are still refusing to answer even the most basic questions.”

Maybe Mr Keen will send me an email (or in his case a letter as I have never received an email from him before) stating where/when such questions have been asked?


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  1. Mark Savage Says:

    It really would be much more interesting to local people- his current constituents and potential voters- if Mr Keen and his team could bother to take note of even the most basics of website design and convention I think Mark. What a dog’s dinner that site is looking at the moment!

    Maybe he should take a leaf out of your book; this blog is cleanly and clearly laid out, with plenty of pictorial as well as verbal material (thanks to your own particular passions on graffiti removal and the general street scene). You make offering feedback and comments a breeze with, to your credit and perhaps even some risk at times, no pre-moderating on responses like mine. It might not win prizes for design- but at least its readable. That cut and paste job of Alan’s was a real struggle to even bother with.

    However, for the sake of balance, you quote him out of context here, Mark and aren’t even reporting what is actually written there (unless, of course, his team have seen and corrected it since you wrote this posting yesterday). He says “David Cameron and Mark Bowen are still refusing to answer even the most basic questions”. Yet as you’ve quoted him, you give the impression even the grammar was not correct. You conveniently missed out his reference to your party’s national leader and prospective PM.

    With just possibly five days left to the General Election proper being called after this rather odd few months, I don’t know whether or not you are refusing to ‘answer even the most basic questions’, as Alan or A N Other alleges. And I don’t really care!

    Actually, the cuts which everyone seems to hark on about are far from the most important question to me, even though I have a family member working for the civil service who obviously has concerns about them. I really hope however you will use this blog to the full, as a kind of virtual hustings perhaps, to give honest and full answers on your opinions on issues such as:

    -the increasingly negative and oppressive effects of membership of the European Union on British lives. Could not this in some way be the underlying cause of our immigration issues? The Lisbon Treaty is a done deal, sadly, but I’ve not heard a single poltician in recent weeks tell me how they would seek to change the workings of Brussels/Strasbourg bureaucracy so that we get an economic community and a free market, what those old enough to vote opted for 35 years ago, but not a political union few Britons want, I suspect- and were denied the democratic opportunity to accept or refuse. Commenting on Lady Ashton’s performance as “High Representative” for EU Foreign Affairs so far does not count.

    – The excessive use of their ‘powers’ by big business. Did you know that a local faith community has been barred from holding a short Good Friday service in a spot where they’ve been held for years, because of the ridiculously applied company policy of a huge commercial property firm, which bans all such activity by faith groups within land they now own, but which are actually a public right of way and were formely in local authority control?

    I look forward to seeing answers to these and no doubt many other questions from the keyboard of Bowen, in contrast to Central Office, in the weeks to come. All the best in both the borough council and national election campaign, Mark. and a Happy and peaceful Easter to you and your family.

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