Feltham North 27/03/10 – Part 2

Some more pictures from last Saturday:

1) Damaged post in Staines Road

By the junction with Cassiobury Avenue:

2) Feltham Arena carpark

No change here but I have requested that a tidy up of glass and dumped items take place.  It is taking time because it is not currently in the contract with Laing/Continental:

I found it strange to see a hose on (picture does not capture clearly but the hose was being used):

Apart from the rubbish, I will try to find out if the mound of earth tarmac needs to be there?

3) Longford River

Again, other than the graffiti, it was not looking bad at all.

The worst bit (and I have certainly seen much worse than this) was around the bench:

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7 Responses to “Feltham North 27/03/10 – Part 2”

  1. Graham de wey peters Says:

    Mark , the reason the area around the bench is looking ” not too bad ” is that a rather old resident got so fed up with the amount of rubbish around this area that they took it upon themselves to clear the area !! and then dumped the bag in the Feltham arena car park , as for the car park , how is it that this area doesn’t come under control of Laings / Continental Landscapes ?? yet they control the access point to the arena , should it come under Streets and Highways ??? as for the hose thats left running that was being used by the workman that were working on the Arena , supplying fresh water to the container that was used as a hut , still no sign of any more work on this area , i would like to know who got all the money from all those truck loads of soil that has been dumped on this site , Feltham FC, Hounslow Council ???????…

  2. Mark Bowen Says:


    Thanks for the posting. It was very nice indeed to meet you in person the other day when I was out and about.

    With regards to the bench and the path adjacent to the river, I am only saying (and taking pictures of) what I see. I did, however, say that the bench was the worst bit (rather than “not too bad”). My two recent and previous visits suggest to me the path is not as much of a problem as I feared in terms of litter (having not walked there for a while).

    The carpark and the Arena itself was not added to the contract because works were taking place by other people. Of course things have not worked out thus far. Notwithstanding these issues, I have asked for the carpark to be given some attention after Easter.

    With regards to the hose, please let me know if you have seen it running before?

    The ‘dumping’ was used to fund the project and did not end up with the Council.

    I am desperate for improvements to be made and must be one of the top priorities for the area going forward and I hope that a scheme can be agreed that complies with Planning requirements and gives an outcome that is self-financing. There are clearly learning points, including for me. I take no satisfaction where we are and will do what I can to atleast get the carpark tidied up in the short term.


  3. Graham de wey peters Says:

    Cheers , it’s just very frustrating to see these amenities going to rack and ruin …..,

  4. David Gibbs Says:

    Do you have any after photographs off improvements that have been made after you report them to officers. Or is it a case of vote for me as your MP and I will ensure that the mess in Hounslow is cleaned up?

  5. Mark Bowen Says:

    Mr Gibbs,

    Thank you for your questions. It is not possible for me to take the ideal approach and capture the improvements after they have been done. There have been times when I have taken pictures after the event (see the big litter removal on the land next to New Road, Feltham). I can only produce a couple of examples when things were not done after reporting them. On graffiti removal alone, I believe that my interest and reporting has made a big difference.

    “Or is it a case of vote for me as your MP and I will ensure that the mess in Hounslow is cleaned up?”

    No, it is a case of me hoping that people will vote for me to be the MP for Feltham & Heston and I am standing on my extremely proactive record as a Councillor for the Feltham North ward since 2002. I assume that you do not reside in Feltham North?

    Thanks again for your posting!


  6. Nimish Says:

    Dear Mark,

    The Conservatives say they want only English MPs to vote on English Issues. Please could you elaborate on what is meant by “English MPs”?

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      It means when there is an issue or legislation that only impacts England that only the MPs from those constituencies should vote on the matter.

      It does not mean that Welsh people like myself are prevented from voting in such circumstances.

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