Cranford (things to report) 27/03/2010

1) Graffiti

Outside 17 High Street, Cranford:

Alley next between 79 and 81 High Street, Cranford:

Near 675 Bath Road:

Outside 717 Bath Road:

Outside 719 Bath Road:

Outside 723 Bath Road:

Bin on The Avenue but on junction with Lynchen Close:

Opposite 50 Firs Drive:

On Bath Road (near junction with The Avenue) and opposite 718 Bath Road:

On Firs Drive (opposite junction with Pine Tree Close):

Avenue Crescent:

2) Highways

Outside 52 Avenue Cresent:

Outside 57 High Street:

103 Firs Drive:

81 High Street (previously reported):

Pine Tree junction with Firs Drive:

At entrance to Avenue Gardens (I saw one parent with a push chair not have a smooth entrance onto the pavement):

3) Leaning signs

Outside 81 Firs Drive:

Lynchen Close:

4) Blocked Drain

On The Avenue and near the junction with Avenue Gardens:

5) Flytip/Bags out early

Outside 723 Bath Road:

Will report all of the above in the morning.

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