Cutting hours is a red herring and wrong

I support measures that will get as close as possible to knocking the whole expenses fiasco on its head once and for all. This is not such an example.

I agree that the working hours of MPs maybe idiosyncratic to some people but I maintain that the standard of the evening debates is one of the most endearing traits of the House of Commons. I always remember going to see my first debate many years ago on a trip up with Gorseinon College. Peter Shore was speaking in the debate. Denzil Davies and Ted Rowlands were sitting near him. The standard of debate was really high and so different to the impressions people take from watching PMQs. I felt a strong sense of pride to be there.

The main outcome of what is being mooted by Sir Ian will be less Parliamentary working hours for MPs and less Parliamentary time for Legislation and Scrutiny. Neither of these would be good outcomes.

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