Feltham North 20/03/10

I did not get around as much as I would have liked to with the rain but did pick up a few things:

1) Graffiti

Outside Central Parade, Sparrow Farm Drive:

Opposite 12 Sparrow Farm Drive:

Next to 14 Green Man Lane:

2) Footways

I will ask for the following to be checked out opposite 135 The Drive:

3) Carriageways

Outside 14-24 Fern Grove:

50 Fern Grove:

155 Cygnet Avenue:

Between 16 and 45 Sparrow Farm Drive:

Outside 29 and 31 Sparrow Farm Drive:

Opposite 2 Sparrow Farm Drive:

On the more positive side, I remember looking at the following outside 42 to 58 Field Road a few years ago and it was very bad – now fine:

4) Central Parade, Sparrow Farm Drive

Other than the graffiti, things were looking good.  Bin had been emptied and frontage looked clean and tidy:

Outside 10 Central Parade:

5) Bin outside 24 Faggs Road

Looked full, which I found unusual with the other bins in this street looking empty:

6) Drainage

Overflowing outside 140 Faggs Road:

Will report things in the morning.

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One Response to “Feltham North 20/03/10”

  1. Mark Bowen Says:

    I have received the following in relation to the drain (last picture) – 1085961:

    “I write with reference to the online enquiry received regarding the second blocked drain outside 140 Faggs Road. I have notified the Council’s drainage technicians of this blockage and I anticipate they will also investigate and rectify this blockage within the next 24 hours. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.”

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