Christ Church Centenary Year commemorations

I was fortunate enough to have been invited to tea and a service of Thanksgiving and celebration at Christ Church, Hanworth Road, Feltham yesterday.  Having just got back from Hammersmith with my two children, I was worried that I had arrived late but fortunately that was not the case (phew).  It was my first time inside Christ Church but better late than never.

I received a very warm welcome and had a long chat with Eddie Menday, who writes for the Chronicle, over some sandwiches.   He cares and knows so much about the area and he is always keen and willing to share his knowledge.

I said that I would make some enquiries about the trees out the front and whether the Council’s 1000 new trees pledge could assist with replacing the furthest tree in the following picture (which, I was informed, is dead):

Many thanks to the Secretary, Mrs Griffiths, for the original invite (which I confess I mislaid) and to Mark Savage (regular reader of this blog) for the reminder.  It was lovely to see some people that I knew and meet others for the first time.

Update: I have received the following:
“I have found the Tree Preservation Order paperwork which lists the trees as
Two Japanese Cherry “Kansan” one of which is the “dead” specimen
Two Malus crab apple
These were made the subject of a tree preservation order under “The London Borough of Hounslow (No 379) Tree Preservation Order 1999” at a time when an application was made to remove all four trees.  Additional notes did admit that the “dead” tree was in a poor state and consideration would be given to “fell, grind and replacement with a new tree”.”

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4 Responses to “Christ Church Centenary Year commemorations”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    Thank you for your kind words, Mark, and we were delighted you could join us for our final celebration in our Centenary Year. I wonder if Eddie told you (if you did not know), that Feltham’s first library was situated about twenty feet behind where you sat for the tea, in what later became a Scout Hut. From that little acorn, eventually grew the lovely library we have now!

    • Mike Roberts Says:

      Hi Mark,
      I’m trying to get hold of the minister conducting Geoffrey Samways funeral tomorrow. Do you have an email address/telephone number for him?

      • Mark Bowen Says:

        I cannot find the business card that he gave me but will alert a regular reader of my blog, who is active in this church, to this posting.

  2. Mark Bowen Says:

    He did not tell me that (I did not know either).
    Sorry about me rushing in at the start but glad I was not late.

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